Most of us are happy with our current job situation and only occasionally we think about changing our jobs

When the idea about changing - or the need to change - comes, we start looking at opportunities and thinking about our professional network as well as our online profiles, especially our LinkedIn profile - we start thinking about updating our biography, CV and - of course - or professional headshot

Does this mean that it's not necessary to have a professional, good-looking headshot during the times you're not thinking about changing your job?

No. Of course not

Your online profiles are being looked at several times each week by professional headhunters in search for people like you

As I've written before, these headhunters spend more than 20 % of their time on your profile looking at your headshot, and they look at your headshot before they even consider looking at your professional capabilities

Do you still think you only need the professional headshot on your profiles when you decide to look for a new position? I hope not

When you get your professional headshot done, you typically get three different 'looks' or variations in a quality so high that you easily can use them for at least 3-5 years (check some examples of different packages here)

Therefore, spreading the initial investment of having the professional headshots done - now - over three to five years makes it a very little price to pay for a professional, serious representation of you in your online profiles

Get yours done now - get in touch with me :-)

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