It's true

How you look is all that matters to us when you're in the studio. It's all we're working for, all we're focusing on, all we care about

For you to look your absolute best in the professonal headshot, many factors are in play and has to unite perfectly to get the best possible shot of you

This is all about your clothes and how they fit on you, how smooth the collar fits your neck, how your hair looks and how the makeup is for the ladies

With gentlemen's headshots, we're there to make sure the tie is just right, that the colors of the shirt and jacket matches, that there's no gaps between the collar and the neck and that the hair looks as it's supposed to

When we're shooting ladies' headshots, we always have the ever-so-skilled makeup artist on set, making sure that makeup, styling and hair is as perfect as possible

The way you're positioned in front of the camera can make or break the final headshot; if you're leaning too much you end up looking eager, too little and the headshot may become static and if you're just standing straight there might be a sighting of a double chin

We're there to keep an eye on all this, to make sure that all pieces of the puzzle fits perfectly together so that you get the headshot you deserve!

Bear in mind, that all of these factors can only come together perfectly if you're in a relaxed and comfortable environment with the professional headshot photographer coaching you on your positioning as well as working with you to get the expression just right

Rest assured, that we do everything needed to make you look as beautiful, cool, confident, fun, approachable and as charming as you truly are!

There's a lot of factors that goes into making the perfect headshot of you - we don't expect you to remember or practice it all - we will guide you through, step-by-step

That's what we're here for