I've written it many times before about professional headshots and portraits:

The first thing you and others see when looking at profiles online is the profile picture

This is in effect what you see first and you use the look of the profile picture to form the first basic opinions of that person (or that company, if we're talking logos)

This makes your profile picture your personal logo

A key element of any successful logo is consistency; you should be able to recognize the logo across media and the same holds true for your professional headshot; you have to make sure there's consistency in the headshots you use for your social media as well as for offline uses

I'm not suggesting you should use only one headshot for all purposes, I'm suggesting that you make sure that there's consistency in the headshots you choose to use

It's perfectly fine to use a more casual headshot for Facebook / Snapchat and maybe a 'casual' business headshot for LinkedIn / Twitter and a more formal headshot for your CV in print

All of course depending on your profession and your aim with your social media profiles

Regardless, you need to make sure that you have consistency and recognizability across all the channels where you choose to use your professional headshot

A perfect logo / professional headshot will probably not win you business, but I'm certain that a bad one will lose you business

Ready? Come get it :)