Most business professionals are on LinkedIn - some with a quite detailed and updated biography and some with, well, a not so updated biography :-)

When is the right time to update your CV and your online profiles?

When you decide it's time to start looking for something new, or when you are forced to do so by events outside your control? Is that the right time?

Think about it for a second

The moment you decide to 'do something' about your professional biography, you're already late! It takes some time for your to write your profile, to get the right headshot taken and uploaded and to finish off all references and descriptions that you feel you need

When you're done, then you have to submit the links and the applications to potential employers and headhunters

If you had it all ready, you would most probably be a couple a weeks ahead of yourself, but even more important; you would have been in the spotlight of the headhunters all the time!

...let alone what happens if someone googles your name? Are you showing up in search results and what is showing up?

It's time to rethink how you present yourself professionally

Even an updated LinkedIn profile does not stand much out from the rest - granted, your professional headshot will as only very, very few has a professional headshot on their profile, a headshot that makes the recruiters stop and look for a second

So you need that.

Next, why don't you think of creating your personal website? Doing so will help Google find you much easier and you will have your own way of presenting yourself, not the template from LinkedIn which is standard for all

It's not difficult anymore; there's so many systems that let you create personal pages as easy as using your Word program and you don't need to overdo it, a few pages that looks good is enough

As a good start, create a page on, it's free and very easy

These pages you can always expand, but the advantages of having them now are obvious; Google will find you when your name is searched, you have a professional looking site for headhunters to look at and you give a very professional impression to anybody visiting your site

Having your own real site, though, will start building the links in Google directly to you and not through, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Which to me is a clear advantage as this will leave you with much more control of your personal brand

I was late too, but now it's done

Try to search my name (click here for a Google search) and you'll see virtually NO links to my professional biography, - this is because the site has only been done for a week at the time of writing and Google requires several months before sites appear in the search results