We all have beauty inside

I know, I see it in the studio every day

Looking fantastic in a headshot is not only for supermodels and actors

It's for all of us

I make everyday people like you and me look our very best in the studio every day - the teamwork that a headshot session is, brings out the real, beautiful you in the headshots and you have a series of pictures that you're happy with and confident about

What's the secret, you might think?

My good friend Fadi, Qatar-based dentist and handsome dude

Think of how you know people - think of how you see your friends when you're with them, the people you love. I'm sure they'll all look good to you, as you look good to them

And this good-looking person, the good-looking you that your friends see, this is the person we take pictures of during the headshot session - to me, this is the real you

You can find several blog posts here in my blog that tells more about how we do the headshot session to make this happen; check out a few here: the perfect profile photo, please don't take my picture, 5 on preparing for the session, just to mention a few

If you're not yet convinced, check out my headshot gallery of extraordinary normal people, fantastic personalities that I've had the pleasure to meet with, shoot with and make exceptional headshots of - the vast majority of thee people are not actors nor models, they are business people, students; what you might call 'normal people'

...and check out how they like the images and the session here

Sure, I would be encouraged to call them 'normal' too, but after meeting them, and for sure also after meeting you, I know that you and each person is much more than normal - we're all special and wonderful individuals

I know, I see it in the studio every day

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