A 'real' headshot is not a normal picture. Even a portrait taken in a studio is rarely classified as a headshot - why?

A headshot is a portrait of your personality, an image representing you, your attitudes, your confidence, your charm, your approachability and ultimately your life experience - in other words, the professional headshot is a picture of you looking like you

A real headshot requires the headshot photographer to have the deepest respect for the individual and the human face - if you don't feel this respect for humans, individuals and the different looks we all have, you're not able to capture the ideal headshot of anybody...

Headshot of Erika - check her expression; amazing

Headshot of Erika - check her expression; amazing

Every face is beautiful

Everybody is beautiful. Not just within, as the saying goes, but also on the outside

No matter how you feel you look, the professional headshot photographer will find your angle, will make your personality shine, will make you look as beautiful as you are

That's the art of the headshot. That's what I do and that's what I love. It's only when the headshot is you, the real you, that I feel satisfied with the headshot