Let's face it! I have to be honest. Maybe you don't need a professional headshot!

I know that I'm always ranting about how the professional headshot is the first impression in our modern culture, how people judge you by how you look and how important it is to look the best whenever people look at your online profile

But chances are you don't need a headshot at all!

I've therefore made the below checklist, and if you can check these off, you for sure don't need it 

You do not need a professional headshot if

  1. You don't use any online media
  2. You never interact with people
  3. You're not having any online profiles
  4. You're not working - and not looking for jobs
  5. Business contacts doesn't matter to you

If, on the other hand, one or more of these statements does apply to you, you might want to consider get in touch anyway

I'm just sayin'...

:-) Frederik