This blog post is meant as a quick guide for ladies that has signed up for a headshot session with Trinity Talent Qatar

If you'd like to know more about headshots and how to prepare for the session, you can look here (preparing for the session) and here (blog post about headshot makeup)

There will be a very skilled makeup artist on set, but as time is limited and we want you to look as good as possible, we'd like to read the below as part of your preparation for the shoot


Kookai (our makeup artist) has these advices for you, please do:

- get a facial shave (lady beard, eyebrow trim, etc.) one or two days before the shoot
- don't try any new creams or makeup at least one week before the shoot (to avoid rashes, etc.)
- if you want the hair colored, it should be five days before to avoid two-tone hair colors
- please put on a base layer of foundation


If you want, you can put on your own makeup, but please keep it super-simple - please do not

- use strong and / or bright lipstick colors
- do not apply strong / colorful eyeliner
- make sure your eyebrows are not very strong, too

A headshot is about showing your real person, beautiful by nature, so strong makeup does not work for headshots

Questions? Get in touch...

Please feel free to contact us before the shoot if you have any questions :-)

Thanks, and we look forward to shooting with you soon!
Kookai and Frederik