When you want to know someone, you'll google them, look them up on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. to get the first impression of this person

Of course, the same goes for headhunters and potential employers - they'll look at your online profile(s) before anything else...

...and if your online profiles looks good to them, they might continue to look at your list of achievements (your CV)

If you want to show your credentials, your experience, your personality, your 'you' to people wanting to know you, especially in professional matters (business, actors, models, etc.) you need to carefully think about what these people meet the first time they'll see one of your online profiles

in other words, the picture you choose to show people looking at your profiles should reflect all this; your life experience (personal and business) as well as your personality 


Yes, you will

But the buck don't stop here. You need to think about your other profiles too - headhunters and employers want to know the person behind the polished surface on LinkedIn and will certainly look for you on Facebook too

Again, it all boils down to the picture you choose to show to them - your headshot

Your headshot should reflect all the above and give the viewer answers to a series of questions, just by looking at it:

  1. Who are you?
  2. How can you help me?
  3. How did you get there (i.e. know what you know)?
  4. Why can I trust you?

This is the outset for a personal biography and we need to make sure that your headshot reflects this, so that the viewer get the idea just by looking at you!

And that's what you get when you have your headshot done by a headshot professional

To me, getting your headshot done is not an investment in a good-looking picture of you; it's an investment in your career and future job opportunities

That it's fun too doesn't make it worse :-)

The picture of the beautiful lady is courtesy Trinity Talent Qatar