So you've spent time and money getting your headshot done professionally and it turned out quite amazing - and now's the time to show it to the world :)

This guide is based on my experience on how to get the most out of your headshots and it should be read as that - enjoy!

Your CV

It is still custom that headhunters and employers print your CV and you need to take that into consideration when choosing the headshot to go with it - bear in mind that the fewest (if any) businesses print your CV on a high quality photo printer so you need to choose a headshot that looks good even printed on a black and white inkjet :)

For the CV, I would recommend the 'open frame' style as this looks most realistic - I would not recommend using a picture where the top of our head is cropped off as this will make your picture look incomplete / weird

If you only have headshots with the top of your head cropped off, placing a frame around the headshot will make it look better - however, your image will end up looking somewhat 'crammed' on the paper

If your shoulder is cropped off, I suggest you make a vertical line where it's cropped but still leave the top open

Online profiles

Most online profiles have your headshot shown as a square or circle - and very often in a fairly small format so you should use a square image showing as much as your face / expression as possible 


Here I would always suggest that you use a headshot where the top of your head is cropped as this gives so much more proximity to you and your expression - most online profile images have a border so it looks perfectly fine having the top of the head cropped off

Remember it's very important that you upload an image that's already square in format - LinkedIn and other sites will squeeze your picture to make it square so if it's not already, you will end up having a very distorted headshot

Web sites

When posting pictures on websites, think about how the headshot will be displayed on the site and then use the above thoughts to determine what type of crop you'll use

If the headshot will 'stand alone' without a border, I suggest using a full headshot where the top of the head is not cropped - and, if your headshot is used with a frame, the headshot with the cropped top will look better and more 'present'


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