When preparing for a headshot session with a professional headshot photographer, you don't have to worry about the session itself, the professional will take care of that from A to Z for sure

You only have to think about the preparation, i.e. what to do before and what to bring to the session

I've written about this a couple of times before, but questions keep coming up, so I've compiled a 'best of' the do's and don'ts for preparing for the headshot session;


Get a haircut at few days before so your hair has a chance to 'settle down' and you get to know your new style before the shoot

Sleep well the day before - it's hard work being in front of the camera for an hour or more, so it's important you're fit and ready for it and not too tired

Bring clothes that you love to wear - it shows immediately if you're uncomfortable in the clothes; it's fine to bring brand new clothes but also make sure to bring some of your old favorites

Think of what you'd like convey in the headshots; C-level, consultant, people's person, doctor, actor, etc. etc. This will not only help you mentally prepare, but also guide you in your selection of clothes

Bring you lip balm (guys) - chapped lips just don't look good 

Find more links on how to prepare here: http://www.redhornphotography.com/the-headshot-session/#makeup-and-styling


Put it off 'until you lost some weight' - chances are that it'll happen much later than you think and you'll be without a great headshot for a long time (please apologize my brutal honesty)

Go get tanned on the day or the days before the headshot; your skin will most likely be damaged by the sun and this will show in the headshot

Select very bright or reflective colors for your clothes as bright and reflective colors will reflect on your skin

Worry. It's actually fun and you'll leave the studio with some of the best pictures ever taken of you