Your headshot can only do two things; improve how people see you or worsen how they see you

You know this is true

Look at how you look at pictures of friend requests from Facebook or connection requests from LInkedIn - the first thing you do is looking at the picture of the person and if you find the picture attractive you will continue to look at their profile - and maybe even accept their request

Don't you think this holds true the other way too?

Don't you think that the first thing people does is looking at your profile headshot whenever you send them invitation to connect or become friends?


Of course they do

Now, take a look at your profile picture and tell me what they see?

Do they see a confident, approachable, attractive person or do they see a mugshot of Mr. or Mrs. Incognito (maybe even with the blue background)?

If they don't see the attractive you with a confident yet friendly attitude, it's time for you to do something about it 

And please don't get started on how you feel you don't look attractive or good in headshots or pictures in general

I hear this song every day in the studio and every day the same people leave the studio with images where they feel they look good and attractive - it's not a question of having a super-model look, it's a question of showing the you in the right way

We all have beauty inside. I know, I see it in the studio every day