American film director Casey Neistat has created a new social media app; Beme 

Beme is made to be another way of sharing your offline life with your online friends and follows the SnapChat principle of being deleted once watched by your friends - but Beme is all about 4-second videos

At this time of writing, I'm still on a three-month waiting list to actually try the app but something about the purpose of the app resonated with me

Supposed to be a digital version of who we are

"Social media is supposed to be a digital version of who we are as people, instead of a highly staged and calibrated version of who we are" - Casey Neistat

Sounds familiar? I think so too...

This is exactly the same goal professional headshot photographers

While we want your headshot to last for several years and not just one look, the aim is the same; to make you look like your real you, and not a staged and polished version of yourself

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