The headshot. 

In the Middle East, the majority of people don't feel they need a professional headshot - they rely on selfies or pictures taken while on vacation or at family reunions; most think this is 'good enough' to represent their professional profiles on LinkedIn

However, after the professional headshot has been taken, everybody understand the value of a good-looking, professional profile picture - I know because they tell me and because I can see the extent to which the headshot is used in all social media, from Facebook over Skype, Twitter to - of course - LinkedIn

Of course it's good that the investment in the headshot is put to good use, but I really feel it's a shame that you need to get it before you realize you've always needed it - I believe it's due to the culture and sophistication of the society as such

We're not quite 'there' yet

In terms of finesse in using LinkedIn and our professional CV's, we're not quite at European / American levels, but we're moving toward a significantly more professional representation of the way we present ourselves online and offline - same as what Europe / US experienced years ago 

I'm repeating myself when underlining that the importance of a professional headshot online and offline cannot be stressed enough - I've personally seen recruiters search for a specific job title and then single out the ones that simply looked good in their headshot - and I'm not talking about looking good in beauty terms, but in terms of professionalism 

If you're not there, you're missing out

Think about it - the headhunters search for 'Project manager, Doha' and get a list of, say, 200 candidates of which they look at the 5(!) with the most professional looking headshot

That's a fact and if you're not there, you're missing out