A headshot is much more than a fantastic shot for you to use professionally or socially

It's a moment in time - in your time - capturing the beauty of you today, for you and your friends & family to have and to remember always

With a headshot done by a professional, you will get a picture of you that reflects the person you are at this moment in time - your personality and beauty

...and this is the difference between any picture of you and a professional headshot; the professional headshot is all about capturing you as you are, not as you are when you're posing or looking unnatural in front of the camera

The professional headshot is focused only on making you look as you look outside the focus of the camera, to make you look as good as you really do - also in pictures 

...it does not only have to be you - bring you spouse / friend too

Celebrate the joy of having each other, of being together, with the Couples' Session - where both you and your partner will get your professional headshots done and the session will end with a series of portraits of both of you together - the cool thing here is that after you've been coached on how to look for the headshots, both of you are 'well trained' to look absolutely astonishing for your couples' portraits