It's a Daunting Task having your headshot taken

The professional headshot photographer is here to help you!

Tips For an Amazing Professional Headshot

A lot of us have had our portrait taken one time or another. It can be when posing for a family or class photo or maybe glamour shots

Nobody needs to be reminded that online social networking websites are one of the ‘in-things’ when it comes to making your brand known to potential customers

A good and professional headshot taken by an expert photographer can help generate more business for your company/organization. Even if you think you have a great profile, your profile picture is what actually creates the first impression

The importance of professional headshots for bringing more business your way cannot be overemphasized

A good profile picture will entice people to hire whatever services you’re offering. A bad profile picture on the other hand is just bad for business

Below are a few tips on how to get professional portraits

Wear the right outfit – Most professional photographers will allow you up to 2-3 changes of clothes. You have to make sure that each get-up fits properly. Your choice ensemble should lay well when you move and shouldn’t be too tight

Wearing light-colored or white tops may not go quite well. Rather wear a bright-colored or dark top that aligns with the tone of your skin. If you’re a guy, consider wearing a solid collared shirt. Tip: V-neck, Scoop and shirts with collar tend to flatter most women and will help draw more attention to your face

Wear simple hairstyle – You don’t want to look like a curly hair Poodle before your photo session. So, avoid any extreme hair style changes right before your headshots. Just wear a simple hairstyle as they can be easily adjusted between shots

Ladies, wear a light makeup – Heavy makeups are a “No-No”. Remember you’re supposed to wear the makeups and not them wearing you! The idea of a makeup in the first place is to help you look your best

If you want effective results with your makeup before your shot, then you should consider using a concealer, a base, and a powder that matches specially to the tone of your skin. Neutral lipsticks and toned shadows works best as well. Forget those heavily lined eyes and lips, you wouldn’t be needing them for a professional profile picture

Take care of those brows – This goes for both men and women. You need to have your brows plucked or waxed before the photo shoot, as this will help highlight your face. Even though photographers can’t make you look fifteen years younger than you’re, however, you can always have them retouch your photo

General retouch services for professional headshots can include any or all of getting rid of blemishes, removing dark under eye circles and whitening of teeth

All in all, whether you’re having a profile picture shot for your online social networking site, or portraits/headshots for other business purposes, you just have to get it right