The redHORN Headshot World Map

This morning I woke up feeling inspired and proud by all the different cultures we have met through the headshots that we make in the redHORN studios

Inspired by this I sat down and plotted some of the latest headshots onto a world map, roughly placing the people close to their home country - the result is below and it shows that we've shot people from literally all over the world, from Brazil over the United States and Canada to Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East

Dealing with this many cultures has taught me to respect each individual in his/hers own way and way of doing things - I've learned to try to look behind their behavior to really understand the cultural differences of each region / nationality

I'm proud of this - and I'm proud we've been able to produce extraordinary headshots of this many people in such short time (the majority of these images are less than three months old)

Thank you all who've been in front of my camera - I would have been nowhere near where I am today without you!