Source, Wikipedia

Source, Wikipedia

To make a exceptional headshot, it is necessary to understand how the light in the studio (or outside) is used to sculpt the features of the face

Light in headshots (and in all other picutres)  can be used to accentuate and reduce features so, depending on the purpose, it is important that the light is used in the intended way

Let me give you an example; light can be used to reduce life lines and laugh lines, making a face look more vibrant (and yes, younger) and light can be used to accentuate jawlines, cheekbones etc., making a face look stronger (more cool) and so on

I usually like to shadow guys up, making them look stronger and more cool where I prefer ladies to have a very even light, reducing life and laugh lines, making them look fairer and softer

Knowing how light works when taking pictures will make you improve any picture that you take, whether it is with a super-advanced high-tech camera or a mobile phone

Next time you take selfie or a picture of anything, try to pay attention to where the light falls in the picture and how it affects the motif you want to take a picture of

Try to move around a little a see how the light dramatically changes the mood of the picture