Hate to break it to you - your look matters!

There's so many sayings about how you look doesn't matter, i.e. 'don't judge a book by it's cover' etc.

Fact is, how you look does matter. First - and second - impressions of you are the impressions that lasts - and that takes a very long time to change

Harvard Business School Social Psychologist, Amy Cuddy has conducted an in-depth study on First Impressions and discovered that when people meet you for the first time, they form not one impression, but two: 

The FIRST thing they do is judge how warm and trustworthy you are in an effort to answer the question: “What are this person’s intentions toward me?”

And the SECOND question is: “How strong and competent is this person?”

Her research shows that these two things, your ‘perceived’ trustworthiness and your ‘perceived’ confidence are directly responsible for 80 to 90 percent of the first impressions people have about you

Furthermore, other researches have proven that your face matters for the first impressions so it seems there's no way of escaping this :-/

Is this very bad news for the 99.9 % of us that are not super-models? 

Of course not

A great part of our deemed attractiveness comes from how we react and present ourselves, it comes from the attitude and openess that we present the world with

If you're proud of yourself and how you look, chances are that people will find you interesting and attractive regardless of your actual facial features

This goes for your pictures too - more often than not, new contacts meet you for the first time through one of your online profiles; a friend of a friend checks you out on Facebook, a recruitment professional looks at your LinkedIn profile etc.

Needless to say, you need to look your very best when presenting yourself, online as well as offline

Having your headshot taken by a professional will coach you how to look your best - even after the headshot session is over; you'll learn how to appear more confident, how to present yourself from your best angle - and you'll have the best pictures of you ever to back it up :-)