Hey! What happened to the top of my head?

I'm sure you by now know my firm belief in that the headshot should be a portrait of your personality - check this out as additional read; headshot defined

To convey your personality, the headshot is all about your looks and your expression - i.e. the headshot is (should be) completely focused on your face

...which is why I leave some of your hair (top of the head) out in my headshots

Most often, business headshots are used in a fairly small format (LinkedIn, Facebook, top of the corner of a resume, etc.) which leaves little room to actually show your expression and hence personality - furthermore, most of the times the headshot is viewed on a small-format screen (phone, iPad) which reduces your headshot (expression) even more

So, in order to have enough room to actually show your personality in the image, something has to go - and since the information below your chin (what you're wearing) is more important than your hair, I cut part of your hair off

Don't get me wrong, I'm not cutting it all, I want to make sure the onlooker gets that you have hair (or don't) so I only cut a little, but enough to make the eyes sit almost directly in the upper third of the image 

Having your eyes placed here in the headshot draws immediate attention to them and - since most of your expression comes from your eyes - this strengthens the look of you and your personality

...and - if you're still not fully convinced - check the magazines and how they crop images, the below are courtesy of Peter Hurley, snapshots of GQ March 2015 :-)