Study defines the 'Perfect Profile Photo'

They write at PhotoFeeler:

"Profile photos are so essential to modern communication that a good one's become a basic necessity. And that couldn't be truer than for those of us whose professional lives are tied to social media profiles"

Naturally, I couldn't agree more :-)

What they did, basically, was taking a series of factors and analyze how each of these factors influence how you perceive the profile photo - this goes from how sunglasses are perceived, the use of smiles, squinching etc.

In short, and the infographic explains further:

  • You need to show your eyes
  • Squinching is in, it works
  • A smile is good, but not too big (makes you look eager)
  • Show your jawline
  • Wearing a formal dress makes you look more confident and influential

I'm happy that their research found what I'm believing is true too

This is what I coach (and preach, some would say) during each photo session - I will show you step by step how to get the perfect position and expression in front of the camera, so you're sure to get the perfect headshot / profile picture

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