Happy New Year 2015; what happened in 2014?


If you ever can talk about learning and evolving and growing throughout a year, 2014 has definitely been the year where that happened for me

I became associated partner with the world's best headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, I spend quite some time with him in Hong Kong and my skills and pictures has gone through the roof in terms of quality and lookability

During 2014, I've had the pleasure of shooting with 200+ wonderful people, from South Africa over Kenya to the US, all the Middle East, China and Russia

For 2014, I can count more than 35 different nationalities in front of my camera - I cannot tell enough what a gift this is, to meet such diverse, interesting and culturally different people

I am very, very thankful for 2014 and really look forward to build further on this, meeting more fantastic individuals in 2015 - and hopefully interacting more with you, too :-)

Thank you all and happy New Year!