I do makeup! Special blog with guest blogger Mrs. Konkanya

Hi, I'm Konkanya (Kookai), makeup artist at redHORN 

Today, this blog is mine :-)

I wanted to write for the ladies that we shoot to tell about how I see makeup for headshots - sorry guys, not so much for you here...

Since we aim to show a natural, unpolished, real you in the headshot pictures, we need to make sure that your skin look the very best and that your facial features are accentuated as perfect as possible (cheek bones, jaw lines, etc.)

I know Frederik can do a lot of this work in post production (the retouching) but both of us feels the image keeps its natural look and authenticity better if we make sure everything is perfect the moment he clicks the button (and it saves him time after the shoot, too)

Furthemore, making sure your makeup is perfect gives us much more certainty that all your images will look consistent regardless of the various styles and outfits that we shoot - you will also be able to see exactly how the images looks on the computer during the session

I'm big on eyebrows - good looking, well groomed eyebrows makes up most of your overall look (this also goes for guys!) so I spend extra time to perfect your eyebrows when I do your makeup

So, how much makeup to apply? I know most of you feel it's a bit 'much' when we're done with the first round, but the lights we use are very bright and they take away a lot of the makeup and just because of that I need to add a little more than you expect

I also know that each and every lady that we shoot is very, very happy with the makeup and the results that we get with the headshots :-)

The most important part of the makeup is the foundation as I use this to even out your skin and create the natural look - if you have a special foundation that you feel work very good with you, bring it - I have the rest in the studio

During the shoot I will be around you and look at the pictures together with you and Frederik to make sure that makeup and hair is just perfect; I don't do hair 'hairdresser style' in the studio but I of course help you with different styles, ponytails etc.

If you want to talk with me about the makeup before the session you're very welcome to call the studio for a talk - 7015 4185

Hope to see you soon!