You need a professional, good-looking headshot of you - here's why:

  1. The first impression is your picture - people will look you up online before meeting or contacting you
  2. Job recruiters spend 20 % of their time looking at your profile picture - that's a fact
  3. You are judged by your picture - unfortunately, this is also true; think about it, I'm sure you judge me by the pictures of me too
  4. A professional headshot can be used for many years - when you invest the time and effort in doing the headshot professionally, the quality of it makes it usable for many years
  5. It's a vital part of your online identity - think of how many places online that asks for your profile picture; this is how you represent yourself online
  6. You want to send the right signal; that you're a professional, caring about your appearance
  7. You'll use it everywhere on the Internet - next time an online service asks for your profile picture, you'll have it ready
  8. If you don't have a picture online at all, you for sure need it - what do you want to show up when people search you? A party photo of you, taken and tagged by a friend? I don't think so...
  9. You'll need it for your CV & resume - when was the last time you saw a CV without a picture? The 90's?
  10. You want to look good - we all do :-)