Consistency is key to a strong personal brand - even when you need to show different styles

If you don't control your online brand, someone else will

The term 'your online brand' can sound somewhat high-flying and not as something relevant for others than celebrities - wrong!

Your online brand is whatever pictures and posts that there are of and about you on all online platforms (Internet, mobile apps, etc.) and while you cannot take control of it all, you can control how you choose to represent yourself on social media; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc.

Maybe you don't need a Facebook account or a LinkedIn profile, but chances are - if you don't have it - people will still be searching these social media to find you - and to get to know you better before they reach out to contact you

For this reason, I believe it's better to be passive-aggressive than reactive online - if you just wait and see, your name will be taken by someone else and you'll find it more difficult to establish the online profiles in the future

Many that I talk to tell me they're not comfortable with the social media or that they do not think they need online presence at all - I strongly disagree!

Since 'everyone else' is online, 'everyone else' will be searching for you and your online profiles whether you have them or not - but if you don't have the profiles online, it's much, much more difficult to control what these people searching for you will find

Therefore, I believe you need to be active online - even just with a simple one-page profile, but a page you yourself are able to control

And honestly, not wanting to be online today is kinda like saying you don't want a mobile phone; unthinkable right?