My job is to make you look normal (again)

When you - and everybody else -  get in front of the camera in the studio, you freeze

This is a very normal human reaction to an unfamiliar situation; you're placed in front of wall of light and a guy (me) with a camera is pointing at you - what in the World are you supposed to do next?

Also, you're there, in front of the camera, because you need the pictures and because you want a set of pictures better than anything you've ever had, so you want to do good - you just don't know how!

So, your natural reaction is to freeze and if I took that picture, you would look lost and 'out to lunch' which is the very opposite of the image we're going for!


We need to get you back :-)

...and this is what most of the headshot session is about. It's about you and me working together to get your looks back to normal - the images we make should look like you on a good day, confident, approachable and interesting

I know exactly how to get you there and during the session I will coach and direct you so that we capture the very best of you in the pictures - and you'll have the pictures that you came for (and the best pictures you've ever had)

The bonus? In the future, whenever someone is taking your picture, you'll know exactly how to position yourself (and your face) to get that look that looks so good with you ;-)