Lookability - headshots are portraits of your personality

My friend and mentor Peter Hurley first introduced me to the term Lookability some time ago and the definition really resonated with me (Peter's version even more so ;-) 

Lookability | look*a*bility |
n. slang
1. A measurement for an image's ability to secure attention from an onlooker
2. (Peter Hurley style) A Shabangin shot that wants to make you stare at that sucker!

It's well known that people look at your online profiles before meeting you - or before even considering contacting you - I'm not getting into all the arguments and reasons for having the perfect headshot (that'll be another post ;-) but simply again stating that your picture should be worth looking at

...which is why I like lookability so much - it simply underlines that your picture needs to be something worth spending time looking at

Think about it for a second; do you ever pause and look at standard pictures of people staring blank into the camera, more often than not with a fake smile? I don't think so

You stop and look at pictures that looks different from what you normally see, that has that extra 'something', that just looks interesting - in a headshot this can only come from the expression of the person in that image

When we work in the studio, all that we do is working with you to find your angle, your expression, your 'extra something', your lookability, 'your look(tm)'  :-)

...and when that happens, we make the images of you that goes stellar, that makes people stop and stare for a moment, that makes people think that you have that something special - and makes them want to meet you because they'd like to know what it is :-)

When that happens, we have the shot!