What AMAZING pictures you take; you have a very good camera!  …grrrr…

Same like saying ‘your food is excellent, you have very good pots and pans’ or ‘you’ve been driving for 10 years without accidents, your car is very safe

The most amazing pictures can be taken with an iPhone, a pocket camera or of course anything else capable of capturing an image

It has (almost) nothing to do with the equipment; what matters is the person using the equipment and his/hers ability to see the image to be made in front of the camera

When dealing with people (which is always the case when making headshots), the image in front of the camera is a living, breathing person

Capturing an amazing picture therefore requires a close cooperation between the subject (photographee) and photographer and when this happens, amazing images / headshots are made

Amazing headshots are hence made as a collaborative effort and teamwork and not because the photographer has equipment more expensive than a small family car

Sure, the right equipment helps to add the details and the overall professional look of the headshot, but the expression and lookability (check blog post on this here http://www.redhornphotography.com/two-cents/2014/12/18/lookability/) only comes from the teamwork between the photographee and the photographer, regardless of equipment used

So, headshots are teamwork. I cannot make anything good with you if we don’t work together – we need to act as a team and together take the success of your fabulous headshot home

…and that is why a headshot session is not just 10 minutes; it takes time to get to know each other and find the right rhythm in the teamwork and then begin to create awesomeness

Awesomeness takes time, dedication and mutual respect – and without fun as the magic extra ingredient, nothing is made ;-)