Five (5) on preparing for a headshot session

'I look terrible on pictures!' - 'I'm horrible in front of a camera' - 'I'm so nervous when someone takes my picture'

Sounds familiar? I'd say 99.8 % of the clients I make headshots off tells me something like the above - it's completely normal and exactly what we work with during the headshot session - and I've never experienced a session not turning out making some of the best pictures my client has ever had

Same goes for you :-)

But before, let me give you a series of tips on how to prepare yourself for the session - it IS a big deal having your headshot taken so it's worth preparing for it

1. Fix your hair :-)
A headshot is an investment - you typically spend a couple of hours with me while we make the series of headshots that you need - and few things are more annoying, when you see your pictures starting to really come together and look better than you expected, than your hair is a mess because you did not go to the hairdresser before

2. Take place in the passenger's seat
Think of you having a good friend drive you home - you'll easily sit next to him and let him drive, relaxing and talking about this and that - and maybe even doze off a little 

I don't want your to doze off ;-) But I want you to trust me to take charge of the session, I want you to let me direct you the way I see you will look the very best - that's what I do best and this is how we make the best pictures of you

3. Bring enough clothes
A bit like with the hair; you invest time, energy and money in having your professional headshot done - make sure you're not missing your favorite shirt, top, tie, etc. on the day of the shoot - it's better to bring a little too much than to bring too little 

4. Get rest the day before
Retouch can take away the bags under your eyes, but cannot bring the true smile or that energetic spark in they eyes back in the picture - a headshot session is an hour-long seance that requires a lot of energy from you - make sure you bring it on the day :-)

5. Don't worry
Professional headshot photographers are just that - professional. It's our job to make you look fabulous in the pictures we make and we'll never let anybody down; if we did, we wouldn't be professionals

Don't worry about the outcome of the session - you'll love the pictures - and have fun while shooting. That's a promise.