The session


The session

A headshot session with me is all about making the best pictures that you have ever had - this is my aim for every session and I will do whatever it takes to make sure this happens

I've never let anyone down!

If you're new to headshots you can read what I've written about the definition of the headshot and my interpretation of how to portray you the best in the headshot, maximizing your pictures' lookability (so people cannot stop looking at you :-)

So, why is a headshot session different from a normal picture being taken of you? To me, a headshot session is making you look your very best, making you look confident, approachable, fabulous! This takes time; I have to find your very best angels (your face's 'sweet spot') and you have to get used to me and how I direct you during the session - because this is what it's all about, I will be giving you minute directions on how to stand, angle your shoulders, tilt your head etc. in front of the camera; this is the secret to the perfect headshot of you

I like to shoot three different looks (different shirts, dresses, jackets, hairstyle, etc.)  throughout a session so you'll have a series of shots to use for different purposes depending on what you're looking for; professional shots for corporate websites, CV's and LinkedIn, models' or actors' headshots for portfolios, headshots for promotion and marketing purposes (speakers, blog writers, authors, etc.) or headshots for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, etc.)

I shoot the pictures directly into a computer and we will edit the images together during the session so we're sure you get the images that you want - I typically shoot between 100-150 pictures of you and together we narrow this down to around 30-35 pictures that are stunning; these images are uploaded to my proofing website and from there you select the ones you'd like me to retouch to get the final touch





Best Choice
1 person1 person2 people; man and lady
1 look3 looks3 looks per person
1 digital image3 digital images8 digital images
Makeup for ladies OPTIONALMakeup for ladies INCLUDEDMakeup for ladies INCLUDED
45 minute sessionGents, 90 minute session
Ladies, 2 hour session
2-3 hour session
Full image retouchingFull image retouchingFull image retouching
Web file onlyHigh resolution + web filesHigh resolution + web files
Unlimited licenseUnlimited licenseUnlimited license
2 day delivery2 day delivery2 day delivery

(not what you're looking for? contact me and I'll put together an offer that fits what you want)

The three different looks is all about changing clothes, ties, backgrounds and is all about variance, so that you have a professional headshot for, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, your CV, family, loved ones etc.

Typically, the most formal is used for CV, a semi-formal for LinkedIn and then a more casual for other social accounts, but it's completely up to you and what you want - we're happy to help with ideas and show you examples of what others have done :-)


Makeup and styling

Makeup and styling

A part of the session for ladies is the makeup - I have a very skilled makeup artist on set that will take care of your look during the session. She puts on makeup on clients daily and has a strong understanding of how the studio light affect the makeup - most often, we start out with a very natural makeup and put on stronger makeup during the session, depending on the clothes you bring and the purpose of your headshots

We have all makeup needed in the studio, but if you have a foundation that you feel is good with your skin and matches your skin color, you're more than welcome to bring it

Check my makeup-artist's blog post about makeup here - it's worth the read...

I do not recommend makeup on guys, and we do not offer it - all you have to do is groom yourself (beard, eyebrows, stray facial hair) before the shoot and you're good to go - we have all remedies in the studio so you can adjust and correct during the shoot


I can't shoot it if it's not in my studio, so bring a lot of clothes - bring clothes that you love and feel good in. I can tell from a mile away if you're wearing a shirt or a dress you're not comfortable in, so bring what you love to wear

Usually solid colors in dark or light tones look good and shirts with jackets always works, too, so be sure to bring that. If you have specific colors that look good on you, bring clothes in these colors too

However, be aware that bright and strong colors tend to reflect on your skin (i.e. a bright red shirt will make your skin look red) so I usually do not recommend you to bring clothes like that - also, a headshot is about showing you, so any bright colors will take attention away from your face and that's not what we want

An important part of making you look good and strong is your neck and neckline so I prefer shooting with clothes that doesn't cover the neck too much; collars work fine for both guys and ladies, but for ladies they should not be too big as this visually brings the chin too close to the shoulders

Guys, a white shirt and a jacket is always a hit - bring it - I do have a lot of ties so if you don't have a favorite tie, chances are that I have one that'll suit you :-)

Ladies, shirts and jackets are a hit for you too. While tank tops also look good. Take a look at what the ladies are wearing in the headshot gallery to get an idea of what works for a headshot


Please do come with your hair as ready as possible - hair is very personal and very individual, so you get the best pictures if you come with your hair set in a way you would on a 'good hair day' :-)

We will of course correct your hair during the shoot, but the makeup artist is not a hair dresser so we're only doing minor changes - but this I like to do; switching from the hair down to ponytails etc. 


I've written some blog posts about how to prepare for the headshot session; read more by following thee links

Five on preparing for the session

Five tips for better headshots by leaving your brain at home

Please!! Don't take my picture - and how to get the shot anyway


Come alone

Come alone

Apologies for being direct; just sharing my experiences

A headshot session is about you and making you look gorgeous - it's a teamwork between you and me where we together will make images of you beyond your imagination and better than you've ever had - this is my ambition for you and for every headshot session that I ever engage in

Both you and I need to concentrate during the session; I'm concentrating to direct you to shoot you at your very best angles, looking out for stray hair, gaps between your neck and the shirt collar etc. and you're concentrating on following my directions

Having your fans around you just don't make this easier. At all

Everyone around you will draw your attention and you might be worrying what your kids are doing, how your spouse likes the images etc., and all this immediately shows in your expression in the headshots and makes the session more difficult

Take this as my word of caution; if you're uneasy about having your headshots done (which is the case of 90 % of people coming to the studio), having more people than necessary around you makes it more difficult for us; we'll get there eventually of course, but the road will be more bumpy and less enjoyable for you

All this being said, I am fine with you bringing your spouse, friend etc. if you feel you'd like to share the experience or have a second opinion on your images, clothing etc.

Let me know beforehand and we'll find the best way to do this - it's normally perfectly okay if people are coming to watch after the first 20-30 minutes of shooting as we'll then have had the time to get to know each other and you're more relaxed in front of the camera