The Session


The Session


A professional headshot session is all about you! I will be your personal coach and photographer during the session and I'll take care of directing you so you look awesome in the final headshots

Everybody - and I mean everybody - tell me they never look good in pictures and that they hate having their photo taken. I’ll fix that. That’s what we do

Honestly, there's nothing 'normal' in being in front of a huge camera and a wall of light in a studio. It makes everybody - including me - uncomfortable and this is a fact that we must deal with

I handle this by giving you very (very) specific directions on how to position your body, shoulders and head, and through this minute teamwork we'll make headshots that make you look relaxed, even though you don't feel relaxed

My main point is that you should not think about relaxing. My directions will make you look relaxed in the final headshots, and that's what we're aiming for - a final headshot that looks amazing (so never mind you felt uneasy and uncomfortable during the session) 

Two words I never use during a session: 1) ‘Smile’ and 2) ‘Relax’. None of them makes sense

Apart from not being relaxed (which is normal and perfectly okay), very few are capable of smiling a natural smile on demand - I know and I see it right away, which I why I never ask anyone to smile

If I need a smile from you, I will do something stupid to make you smile naturally (and believe me, I'm capable of doing many stupid things :) so there's also no need to think or worry about how to have a natural smile in the headshots

In essense, with me and redHORN as your professional headshot photographer, you can pack your worries away and just show up. We'll guarantee you'll get the best headshot you've ever had





While we take 110 % care you and your looks during the headshot session, there's a few things that you should know before the session

Granted, most of these are related to our female customers - we don't offer makeup services for guys


Come hair ready

Hair is super-personal and even though we're experts in what looks the best in the headshots, we cannot be experts in what hairstyle you love the most. You should therefore come to the headshot session  with your hair as ready as possible 

We can of course fix mishaps from air-conditioning and the dusty winds of Doha, but styling your hair should be done and prepared by your or your hairdresser beforehand


You may bring your own foundation

As with hair, makeup foundation for ladies can be a personal choice, so if you have a foundation that you feel matches your skin perfectly, bring it. My makeup artist has everything required, of course, so you don't need to, it's only if you have a favorite that you'd like us to using during your makeup

If you have a special brand of makeup that you'd like to use, you may bring this too - completely up to you :)


Faxe waxing - one week before, please

If you're planning to wax your face (which may be a very good idea for a perfect headshot), please do so a week in advance to avoid any redness or rashes. Furthermore, the foundation and makeup may not settle as good with your skin if you just had the waxing done, so you should make sure to do this well in advance


Don't experiment!

If you're planning on trying out a new face wash, cream, sunscreen, etc., please don't do this just before the headshot session - your face may react negatively to the new cream and you'll end up with a rash or redness that we might not be able to cover completely 


Rest well the night before

We're shooting headshots of you concentrated and between 45-90 minutes, depending on how many headshots and different styles you need, and it's fairly hard work - we must ensure that every headshot is perfect which will require an effort from you (and me, of course)

It's therefore important that you get a good nights sleep before the session, so you're ready to rock'n'roll with us to get your best professional headshots ever!


Finding the right clothes

Basically, whatever makes you feel comfortable is what you should bring. Focus on different cuts of the shirt / dress  (round, v-neck, etc.) and keep it in solid, non-reflective colors. I suggest that you bring more than you think you should, so we have a good selection to choose from. Remember we're only shooting chest up, so no need for matching pants or shoes :) Bring different ties and jackets, too



Headshot packages

Headshot packages


We do professional headshots and business portraits

...and we're the best at this!

If you're looking for other areas of photography (event photography, family portraits, wedding photography etc.) you will find much more qualified photographers elsewhere. I believe that being the best takes a razor sharp focus and our focus is professional headshots and business portraits

Below you can see our standard products - please get in touch if you're looking for something else!

Best Choice
1 person1 person2 people; man and lady
1 look3 looks3 looks per person
1 digital image3 digital images8 digital images
Makeup for ladies OPTIONALMakeup for ladies INCLUDEDMakeup for ladies INCLUDED
45 minute sessionGents, 90 minute session
Ladies, 2 hour session
2-3 hour session
Full image retouchingFull image retouchingFull image retouching
Web file onlyHigh resolution + web filesHigh resolution + web files
Unlimited licenseUnlimited licenseUnlimited license
2-3 day delivery2-3 day delivery2-3 day delivery

You'll receive the images electronically in a quality more than adequate to create stunning hardcopies (prints). We do not have a printer in the studio so we cannot offer print of the headshots

The way I retouch is similar to the makeup my makeup artist does; simple and natural. Professional headshots are meant to project a true-to-life version of you, looking your best and not a 'barbie-fied' version - headshots are not glamour shots :)

Check our FAQ section if you're curios to know more