Q: Do you offer makeup for guys?

A: No, you don't need it. Our headshot style is focusing on presenting you as natural and realistic as possible and while it's both natural and realistic with makeup for ladies, it's not (yet?) for guys - if there's any blemishes or scratches that needs fixing, the retouching process will take care of that

Q: How long does a session last?

A: Between 60-90 minutes for guys and 100-150 minutes for ladies. The makeup for the ladies is typically around 45 minutes and how long we shoot depends on how many different styles of headshots you want from the session, but it's important to set aside enough time for the shoot to make sure you get the headshots that you need


Q: Do you only shoot headshots?

A: Yes. I believe if you want to master a skill, you have to focus relentlessly on perfecting your game. I offer only headshots and environmental portraits where the main focus in on the person. I believe this is one of the reasons we're regarded as the best headshot photographer in the GCC region - however, if you need a full-body portrait as part of an application requirement, we of course do this too during the session

Q: ...so no family portraits?

A: No. You'd be better off finding a professional family photographer than asking me to shoot your dears. Honestly


Q: Do I need to book an appointment for a headshot?

A: Yes, you do. A professional headshot session takes full concentration from me - and you - so we need to make sure we have sufficient time without interruption. And you also have to make sure that we're actually in the studio for the shoot :)

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Whatever makes you comfortable. Focus on different cuts of the shirt / dress  (round, v-neck, etc.) and keep it in solid, non-reflective colors. I usually suggest that you bring more than you think so we have a good selection to choose from. Remember we're only shooting chest up, so no need for matching pants or shoes :) Bring different ties and jackets, too


Q: Should I come alone?

A: Well, yes. The professional headshot session is a concentrated team effort between you and me and the makeup artist, so you should not bring anyone who can distract you during the session - it's of course fine to bring spouse and / or a friend, but we generally don't suggest it as it may make you nervous and take attention away from the final results

Q: What does "different styles" mean?

A: Different styles can be headshots with change of expression, hair, clothes. A professional headshot or portrait has many uses. Some should look very formal / professional and some should be more easy-going and friendly. These expressions requires both different outfits (tie/shirtt/jacket vs. t-shirt). For ladies this would most often include different hairstyles (ponytail, loose hair etc.)


Q: Can you provide a hardcopy of the headshots?

A: No. We don't have a printer in the studio. Less thank 1 % of our customers asks about a physical print of their headshots so we've chosen not to have a printer ourselves. The final images that we send to you are in a quality more than adequate to create a stunning hardcopy from most printshops in Qatar

Q: Will you remove my wrinkles in post-production?

A: No. A headshot is meant to show the real you. My retouching is aimed at representing you from your best possible side, so temporary blemishes, stray hair etc. will of course be part of the retouching process, but I will not retouch you too look like a barbie-doll :)