You need a professional headshot; here's why

  • The first impression is your picture - people will look you up online before meeting or contacting you
  • Job recruiters spend 20 % of their time looking at your profile picture - that's a fact
  • You are judged by your picture - unfortunately, this is also true; think about it, I'm sure you judge me by the pictures of me too
  • A professional headshot can be used for many years - when you invest the time and effort in doing the headshot professionally, the quality of it makes it usable for many years
  • It's a vital part of your online identity - think of how many places online that asks for your profile picture; this is how you represent yourself online
  • You want to send the right signal; that you're a professional, caring about your appearance
  • You'll use it everywhere on the Internet - next time an online service asks for your profile picture, you'll have it ready
  • If you don't have a picture online at all, you for sure need it - what do you want to show up when people search you? A party photo of you, taken and tagged by a friend? I don't think so...
  • You'll need it for your CV & resume - when was the last time you saw a CV without a picture? The 90's?
  • You want to look good - we all do :-)

I'm your man

I'm your man

You need a professional to do your headshot; here’s why

No matter the occasion, it costs money and time to have your headshot taken professionally so you want to make sure you get the best headshot possible

The professional headshot photographer knows just that. I know just that – you come to me because it matters, because it’s important

I also know you’re not relaxed in front of the camera – nobody are. But I know what to do about it – I’m not promising I can make you relaxed in front of the camera during the short time we have together, but I’m promising you I know all the tricks that it takes to make you look relaxed, confident and approachable

And that is what you need. The best headshot ever taken of you, making you look the very best. Guaranteed

You made the right choice coming here. Welcome

A professional headshot is much more than a simple picture or portrait; it’s an investment that you make because something is important for you

Maybe you’re applying for the dream job, maybe presenting at a big conference, having an article in a magazine or having the chance to contribute to a prominent blog

Maybe you’ve accomplished something, gotten your dream job, finished your higher education, lost weight or changed your life or career in a way that needs to be celebrated

Maybe you’re looking to become a professional model and need the best headshot for your portfolio

Maybe you simply want to celebrate your moment in time and want the best possible headshot or portrait of you now and for the future


Headshot gallery

Headshot gallery


Meet the clients

Meet the clients

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Awesome
It was a pleasure meeting you both, you make such a great team. Thank you very much for the session and the lovely photos. We started watching them in the car, on the way home.
Once again thank you very much to both of you. We had so much fun. Enjoy the weekend and talk soon.
— Alina & Nicky
Hi Frederik,
I had a great time. You are both so professional and fantastic at putting people at their ease in what can otherwise be quite an awkward situation. The photo is fabulous, as are all the others. I have honestly never had anything like as good photos taken of me as these are. Thank you also to Kookai for being a brilliant makeup artist.
— Lesley
Frederik you and Kookai are truly a fantastic team. You know how to bring the best out of your model by making the shoot relaxed and fun!  I had a blast tonight. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to show these to the world!
— Nanci 
I want to say thanks again for the very nice headshot photos you provided me.  These have been a huge hit for me.  I am getting a lot of value from these.
— Robert
Dear Frederik
it was an enjoyable experience and great to meet you... the results are far beyond my expectations...  and that is due to your great skill and personality.....  you get people relaxed and direct them so well.
— John
After so many photo sessions in my life, these are the best professional pics I have seen of myself. Thank you once again! You have done a great job. I am going to get one of these pics right now to Linkedin and I am sure to see some comments. This is great stuff and I will surely recommend you to all those asking about my photo. We will spread the Frederik photo fever ;-)
Take care and we will be in touch.
— Hafzad
Hi Frederik
I am soooooo happy with the photos you have no idea!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
It was a pleasure working with you and I am very satisfied with the results. I will recommend you to everyone who compliments your work, which I’m certain will be many!
— Allen
Just wanted to say that your work is really amazing and the motivation and enthusiasm you have for this is truly inspirational. Wish you all the best.
— Chris
Thank you for today’s photo shoot .. I truly enjoyed it and the resulting photos are amazing.
— Tariq
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Magic !!

— Joan
Hey Frederik!
It was a pleasure to shoot with you today, I truly enjoyed it. The two of you are such a lovely couple. I look forward to working with you in the near future and meeting again.
— Jenny
These are phenomenal! They were good untouched but now they are exquisite. Thank you again, you are fantastic and you really know how to take the awkward out of a session,.
— Anouar